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The ReWilding Project
A solo performance about our modern neurosis, sense of loss and
search for hope, while aiming to re-member the nature inside of us.

Performance/Concept: Liz Erber,
Video/Technology: Dan Farberoff,
Sound Design: Julia Kny

Di./Tues. 31. May 2016, 20:00
English Theater Berlin (Fidicinstr. 10965 Berlin)
Expat Expo Festival,

Sa. 28. May 2016, 20:30/ So. 29. May 2016, 20:15
K77 Studio (Kastanienallee 77, 2HH 3OG 10435 Berlin)
Performing Arts Festival Berlin,

Photo © Dan Farberoff


a play from Platypus Theater

Between the Lines is about three outdated school books, which escape being thrown away by traveling in the suitcase of one of the school's teachers on her summer holiday to the USA. These books have the special ability of being able to change into humans when they want to. Until now, however, they have only spent a minimal amount of time as humans - hanging out in the school library during summer holidays. In the USA, they will take on the challenge of living as humans - of becoming human. It is both an awkward and exciting journey, in which they discover human feelings, love, slang, music and more. 

For ages 12+

Performances 2016:
5.7.16 - 11:00 
13.7.16 - 11:00
14.7.16 - 11:00


Solo on the move #1 – Hungry Hearts
June 11-13 (Thurs. - Sat.), 2015

Solo on the move #1 – Hungry Hearts presents the interwoven solos of four female performing artists (Liz Erber, María Ferrara,
Jenny Haack, Meltem Nil), who use dance, voice, text and objects.
The artist’s “hungry heart”, or drive to perform, is the central focus of our research, and provides the base-beat, or impulse, to our movement. Each artist develops her own unique body-poetry through ever-evolving movement, investigations of space, twists of humour, voice, sound and text. From the seeming “emptiness” of space arise ephemeral images and characters.
And, from the four solos emerges a collective hungry heart.

The piece is always NEW, being composed and created in each performance. Just as the fingerprint of every human is unique, so are the components (dance, movement, speech, text and sound) of each solo that we make.

Location: Studio Boerne 45, Börnestrasse 45, 13086 Berlin- Weissensee
Tickets: 9 - 13 Euro sliding scale
Ticket Reservations:

Premiere: Do 11.06.2015, 20:00 Uhr
Additional Performances: Fr 12.06.2015, 20:00 Uhr,
Sa 13.06.2015, 16:00 Uhr und 20:00 Uhr

Local Public Transport:
TRAM M13,12, Stop Behaimstr. oder Antonplatz,
TRAM M4, Stop Antonplatz
A 5 minute walk from stop

The project is funded by Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur

A project from b.arts.u- berlin arts united gemeinnützige UG
29. November 20:30, 2014
K77 IPA: Body - Sound - Music
Instantaneous Performance Abend
K77 Studio/ Kastanienalle 77 10435 Berlin

Heini Nukari (Finland - teaching a body-voice workshop Sat & Sun at the Studio! 
Jadi Carboni (Italy/Berlin)
Etoille Chaville (France/Berlin)
Julian Datta (Germany/Berlin)
Liz Erber (USA/Berlin)
Friederike Motzkau (Berlin)
Meltem Nil (Germany/Berlin)
Simon Rose (UK/Berlin)
Christopher Williams (USA/ Berlin)

stay for our AFTER-PARTY!! with music and dancing
und bleibt doch eine weile für unsere After Party!!

Entrance: donation of 7-12 Euro

Eintritt: eine Spende zwischen 7 und 12 Euro



Every body
A duet by and with Liz Erber and Andrew Wass
9. June 2014
Expat Expo 2014
English Theatre Berlin⎢International Performing Arts Center

Every Body, a dance performance in experiential anatomy: We all possess a body but for most people it is not so often that one thinks about the contents, structure, function, or anatomy of this body (not at least, until something goes wrong or something stops functioning properly...we are not going to go there.) In this performance we bring attention to the body each of us is inhabiting, and invite audience members to tune in to the experience of their body through focus, touch and movement. In this way we bring attention not only to the outer performance space that we the performers are inhabiting, but the vast inner space of each and every individual. Every Body is a performance of anatomy and anatomical function (i.e Breath, circulation, fascia.) It is a performance of connecting anatomies expressed through dance, sound and words. Andrew and Liz connect with one another and directly with the audience. 

Wednesday April 23, 2014 20:00
Social Muscle Club
Sophiensaele Bar

Entrance: EUR 5


12. April 20:30, 2014
Instantaneous Performance Abend
K77 Studio/ Kastanienalle 77 10435 Berlin

Please join us this Saturday evening 12. April at K77 Studio for the second edition of K77 IPA - Instantaneous Performance Abend, featuring solos from Meltem Nil, Jenny Hacck, and Liz Erber, and a duet from Etoile Chaville and Julian Datta. It will be an exciting evening, starting at 20:30. Entrance is 7-12 Euro, sliding scale. According to the forecast temperatures will remain cool through the weekend, so come warm yourself in our cozy studio with like-minded artist-loving folks.


17. November 20:00, 2013
K77 IPA 
Instantaneous Performance Abend
K77 Studio/ Kastanienalle 77 10435 Berlin

Eintritt/Entrance: 5-12 Euro (sliding scale)
The evening will feature a variety of professional performers, many of whom currently teach or have formerly taught at K77 Studio.

Get ready for:
**Luscious vocals and guitar from Les Cigales Caramels (Etoile Chaville and Julian Datta)
**Inspired innovation from Jeremiah Day 
**Spontaneous spontaneity from Asher Levin
**Sound and body transformer, Meltem Nil
**High energy innovations from the Action Theater group We Don't Do That
**Intoxicating tumbles from TRIO - Andrew Wass, Henrik Kaalund and Liz Erber.

Dieser Abend zeigt eine Reihe professioneller Improvisatoren, von denen viele im K77 unterrichten oder unterrichtet haben. 
Sie sehen die Performance von:
   **Les Cigales Caramels mit der unverkennbar intensiven Stimme von Etoile Chaville und Julian Datta´s feinen Gitarrenklängen
   **den herrlich innovativen Jeremiah Day
   **spontane Spontaneität mit Asher Levin
   **die Sound- und Körpertransformatorin Meltem Nil
   **die hochenergetische Action Theater Group We Don´t Do That

   **die berauschenden Flüge und Stürze des TRIO - Andrew Wass, Henrik Kaalund und Liz Erber
10x6 @ ada Studio
Nov 9 & 10, 20:30
Memory Game Bird Brain
with Robert Rodgers & Liz Erber

„10 times 6” heißt: 10 Stücke, keines länger als 6 Minuten, an einem Abend.
Die Reihe gibt 10 Tänzern, Choreografen, Regisseuren... die Möglichkeit, in einem einfach gestalteten Rahmen ihre Werke zu zeigen. Zum 11. Performer wird dabei der Lichtdesigner, denn nach exakt 6 Minuten geht das Licht aus. Was dann nicht gesagt bzw. getanzt wurde, bleibt im Dunkeln...
"10 times 6" means: 10 pieces, each of them 6 minutes maximum in one evening. The performance series offers upcoming choreographers, dancers, directors the possibility to present their current works in a simple space. The lighting designer becomes the eleventh performer, when the light is switched off after six minutes. Everything, that has not been shown by then, stays in the dark...
Petunien # 12
28. September 2013 - Saturday, 20:30
ada studio, Berlin
Improvisation Series von und mit Meltem Nil, Sandra Wieser und Liz Erber, Henrik Kaalund & Andrew Wass (Live Urban Art Trio) 

Liz Erber, Henrik Kaalund & Andrew Wass
at English Theatre Berlin/ Feb 2013

Tickets (7-12 Euro sliding scale): 030-21800507 /
Es gilt die tanzcard.

06. October 2013 - Sunday, 18:00
Evening of solo & trio improvisation at 
Tanzfabrik Berlin
Freistil - die Kunst der Improvisation 

Trios & Soli mit Liz Erber, Henrik Kaalund, Fiona Kelly, Annapaola Leso, Heide Moldenhauer, Meltem Nil, Manon Parent, Andrew Wass.

Eintritt: 5,-€

Tanzfabrik Berlin/Kreuzberg
Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Tip of the Iceberg:
the story of an American obsession 
Tip of the Iceberg is a multi-media play, with an absurdist and darkly humorous look at modern American life. Through text, movement, video and music we glimpse into the lives of three individuals, who are seemingly trapped by their own limited views of the world. One individual, WOMAN, is attempting to dream her way out. Central to our characters' lives is the story of Iceberg lettuce - a story of modern American food (exported to the world), monoculture, culture shaping, marketing, modern economic colonialism, and more. Juxtaposed to this fictional story is the current reality of the actors' lives in Berlin. 

Selections from Into the Deep and Choro Corpora
reserve your ticket early, these shows always sell out!
Featuring: Irene Cortina González, Jessica Kammerer, Leah Katz, AnneKatrin Kiesel

ada Studio & Bühne für zeitgenössischen Tanz 
in den Uferstudios 
Uferstraße 23 
13357 Berlin 
Tel. 030-218 00 507 
Partner in 
Partner der tanzcard. 

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Contact Meets Tango
Workshop November 26th 11:00-19:00
Schöneberg, Berlin
registration: Anke Uhlmann

Moving into Writing <--> Writing into Moving
OCT 23-24, 11-17:00
COST: 89 Euro both days/ 49 Euro one day



In this intensive we create an intimate and safe space for the exploration of body/movement, writing and the intersection of the two. Our bodies contain a wealth of memory, images, poems, stories, narratives...we will tap into these! We begin with a physical warm-up, followed by a writing warm-up. Body-movement explorations derived from anatomy, imagery and our own impulses, serve as a jumping off point for our writing. From our writing we return to body/movement, and back and forth. We will work individually, in partners and may possibly share our work in group scores involving reading, movement and writing. Writing-wise we will work with free writing, sound-driven writing, a basic verse structure and prose.

The structures we will explore are great for developing: body-awareness, a unique voice, writing, performance work, choreography. 

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